An Open-Air Art Gallery

VIDEO GUERRILHA is an urban intervention that stimulates and interacts artistically with the architecture and public spaces of several cities in Brazil and around the world. Through unprecedented, large format projections, the festival promotes cultural and artistic exchange among art-media students and artists while providing a unique experience to citizens and spectators.

In 2012, Video Guerrilha will be presenting in São Paulo on  November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th; in Rio de Janeiro on January 24th, 25th and 26th, and   in Brasília, on April 20th and 21st, starting at  8:00 pm. Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro are still awaiting confirmation from  sponsors.


Stimulate the recovery of cities’ urban spaces through art, revaluating these spaces and their architecture.

Promote art in the everyday lives of people and cities.

Stimulate production, free access and artistic and cultural exchange in the area of visual and video art.

Establish Rua Augusta (SP) and the district of Lapa (RJ) as centers of urban art and culture in Brazil, helping to transform their image as part of the city

Support entities and civil associations that work at revitalizing the Baixo Augusta and Arcos da Lapa regions.

Lectures: Art and exchanging knowledge

In the months and weeks that precede the festival, the VIDEO GUERRILHA team will present workshops and lectures geared towards the promotion of Video Art, such as museums, galleries and colleges. The lectures will be given by guest artists and festival participants.


APCA Award

In 2011, the Video Guerrilha project won the award granted by the São Paulo Association of Art Critics – APCA, for the “Best cultural initiative in visual arts in 2011”.

Open Call Award

In 2011, the VIDEO GUERRILHA organization granted Colombian artist Carmen Gil Vrolijk the Open Call VG 2011 award offered to artists registered in the so-called Opens, held through partner sites or directly on the Video Guerrilha website.

Lectures: Art as an exchange of knowledge

In the weeks and months preceding the festival, the Video Guerrilha team will be holding workshops and lectures at venues that divulge Video Art, such as museums, galleries and college institutions. The lectures will be conducted by invited artists and participants.